The Three Pillars, My Gift to YOU

The Three Pillars - My Gift to You

We did it! We got through the storms of 2020! And they sure kept on coming? Fast and
furious without an end in sight. Here we are, and we can breathe. We can tiptoe or
charge back into what we want our new experiences to be. Everything isn’t solved, not
by a long shot. But we did get to the other side, which is worth celebrating.
I was on one of my walks during the height of all the chaos of 2020. The year, unlike
most others, really pushed me to take stock of myself. What can I do? How can I best
contribute now when people need support?

As a life coach, this is what I want to do. So, I dug deep into my coaching arsenal and
chose the top three modalities that I have found to successfully promote confidence,
more joy, and positive change. I put them together and titled them “The Three Pillars” of

Pillar #1- How to Find Clarity

Sounds simple, yet our thoughts can exhaust us sometimes. When we have chaos, fear, and unpredictability around us— it is good to have a go-to practice to get clear. To move us in the direction that is right for us.

Pillar #2 – How to Ground Ourselves

 Owning our place in the world—is an empowering feeling. Having a grounding practice can be a quick go-to when life seems to have gone off the rails. Sometimes we need to steady ourselves—and we have the inner strength to focus and do just that.

Pillar #3 – Extract Our Negative Inner Dialog

 This practice is a life changer to promote confidence. When you can let “not good enough” melt away each time it appears—the gift that keeps on giving!

The Three Pillars are FREE. I know by working with these three practices—that positive
changes will occur. I find clarity for myself when confused, I ground myself, when
feeling unsteady—and I love kicking my Gremlins (negative talk) to the curb!
If you choose to download The Three Pillars, you may want to work with a friend,
partner, mentor, group, coach, etc. Working with other like-minded people may bring
more energy and accountability to the process. You can also go through the pillars alone
and at your own pace—with great results.