Re-routing the Path to Our Goals

Two Paths

“Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” ― Rumi

  • How are you?
  • What are you most concerned about during this time?
  • What can you focus on?
  • What are you excited about?
  • What are you inspired to do?

Whether they were big and adventurous or small and steady, I’ll bet you had plans for 2020. I sure did! Then—we hear whispers of a virus in China and boom, Covid-19 and our entire world seemed to change overnight.

We are all dealing and reeling from a global pandemic, and this isn’t a quick flash in the pan occurrence. Time to create a new normal.

Initially, we rushed to find what feels safe. We saturated ourselves with Netflix, chocolate, carbs, and lots of other stuff. I even found myself partaking of hot dogs and beans, an old childhood Saturday night staple. All that was missing was the brown bread! I haven’t eaten hot dogs and beans for years, but here I was looking forward to them.

Oh, and did you happen to binge on the movie “Ground Hog Day?” If not, I’d highly recommend it. There’s a nice message that we can take away from it. But no pressure! It’s not a good time to add pressure. It’s just time to find quality in our life, where ever that may be for each of us right now.

These distractions helped us to slowly absorb what our intellect already knew…that life has changed. There are still many unknown layers to this virus. We can’t do all that we’re used to doing. The experts say a treatment, cure, and vaccine are not imminent. We need to change how we approach life—and change can sometimes be hard work.

As for our 2020 resolutions, they may need to be reevaluated. Let’s focus on what we can do! Safety first, and then some strategizing. Use what we “cannot” do right now to gain knowledge/clarity of what’s really important to us at this time. This knowledge will help to create the motivation to make some desired changes. There are new rules with new ways of being—and even these new ways will continue to change.

Yes, let’s make a new healthy and bolder set of goals for ourselves—that’s where our focus can go. Our dreams are still alive and well. It is the path to them that must change.