How Coaching Works

Coaching works, and when a coach and client commit themselves to the process – a mighty team is created and substantial and productive change will and can happen in a relatively short amount of time! My philosophy as a coach is to commit myself 100% to my clients personal and professional growth and happiness. I do this by first building a trusting relationship. From the very first phone call or meeting, all of our conversations are confidential. The coaching session is all about you, your agenda, and your wants and needs to live a fulfilled life. And I want to make the process as convenient and beneficial for you as possible. We can use Skype, telephone calls and Google Hangouts to cut down on your travel and save you time. Of course, I work this way 100% of the time with my national and international clients. I also can record our session, so you can review the insights gained during each. This will let you multiply the learning – while providing inspiration at those moments when you need to quiet the noise of self-doubt and build your inner strength. As your coach, I will reflect your accomplishments, your goals and ideas. I will hold the space for you until you get there. Together, we will meet regularly to:

  • Assess your current circumstances and your definition of success.
  • Create a personal mission statement and motto.
  • Rediscover the people, activities and events that have brought you the most joy in life.
  • Uncover negative thinking, blocks and barriers.
  • Develop a framework and timeline for moving forward.
  • Evaluate your progress at each step.
  • Declare victory when you have achieved clarity and wanted results!

How Long Will This Take?

The length of the engagement varies according to your goals. You may need just a few sessions to move past a specific identified block, or you may need a longer period of time to discover barriers, reverse negative thinking and behaviors, and move forward to your potential. The bottom line is to ensure that enough time is allowed to complete your objectives

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