How to Create a Grounding Kit

You can easily put together a grounding kit so it’s ready whenever you need it.

Instructions for adults

What is awe inspiring in this great big universe and depicts strength for you? Use that to create your personal Grounding Kit. Some physical items can include:

  • Essential oils for stressful moments
  • A stress ball
  • Strength positioning information (chart/website)

The other essential item is a very strong visual that resonates strength for you. My visual is a redwood tree. (I’m rooted and strong like a tree.)

How to utilize this with children

For children I recommend practicing their routine with them much like you would a fire drill. You can make this so much fun. This will build a grounding muscle and allow them to slip more easily into feelings of safety when their little worlds are rocked.

Suggestions for working with the little ones. Ask them:

  • Can you feel your feet on the ground?
  • Can you wiggle your arms?
  • What do see? (Have a window or pretty picture available.)
  • Can you stand like a super-hero? (You can also teach them the yoga warrior pose.)
  • What do you smell? (Have a scent that they like already around them.)
  • What do you feel in your hands? (Have them hold a stress ball or favorite stuffy.)

Help them to create an awe inspiring and strong visual, just as you did.

As children start to experience grounding, their bodies will more readily begin to relax and they will equate that with safety.

It bears repeating one more time. Grounding happens more easily when you change your physiology and purposely add in some fun, a visualization, or a deliberate feeling of strength!